Jasper Newton York
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Jasper Newton York is not buried at Van Wert, but likely would have been since his widow was the daughter of Dr. Joel Flanagan – Jasper Newton died somewhere in Florida where Julia, his wife, took him for a cure for his TB which he contracted during the war. According to the stories told by direct descendants they were on an ‘island’ and the ferry man would not allow bodies on his boat because of the ‘whales’ – must be some kind of superstition and it could have been that the whales were actually manatee. I have searched the map of Florida and found a breeding ground for the animals and think this could have been the area where Jasper was taken. The stone was placed there by his 2nd great-granddaughter whose grandmother lived with her when a child, and said her mother (Jasper’s granddaughter) would just sob as she told the story. The marker was meant ‘in memory of’ but the government does not make this distinction.

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