Dismissed or Dismissed by Letter

This refers to a member in good standing requesting "approval" to attend another church with the same belief and standards.

Most request were made due to moving and the church was too far to attend. Sometimes a new church was established that was closer and people would decide to attend it.
A "letter" would be writen "to the new church" to let them know that the member was a "member in good standing".

An Example Of A Letter Of Dismission, Found Tucked In The Church Book


We the Baptist Church of Christ at Mt. Zion, Bartow, County, do hereby certify that Brother James Morris is a member in full fellowship with us and is accordingly dismissed from us when joined to another Church of the same faith and order.
Done by order of the Church in conference.

December 4, 1868 James. G. Ryals, Moderator
L. Floyd, Clerk Pro Tem

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