Mary Caroline Sansing married Joel L Flanagen on November 27, 1840 in Paulding (Polk) County, Georgia by J. C. York, Justice of the Peace.

Joel and Mary had nine children.
Juliet T. York Atkins nee Flanegan (1843-1925),
Joel Sansing Flanegan (1845-1933),
Mary Elizabeth Hobbs nee Flanegan (1846-1933),
Sarah Susan Flanegan (1848-1915) md Leander Dupree,
Benjamin Sansing Lycuequs Flanegan (1850-1852),
Alexander Steven Flanegan (1852-1887),
Martha Ann Cordelia Hobbs nee Flanegan (1855-1915),
George A. Lycuequs Flanegan (1857-1858),
and an unnamed son who was born and died on January 31, 1859.

Mary, died on February 16, 1859, and she is buried in the Van Wert Cemetery.

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